18 June 2010

You're Number One...

:: Marilah kita "Berfikir Di Luar Kotak Pemikiran" ::

You’re number one in my heart
Coz when you come into my life
I felt a lot of things,good thing.
Whenever i’m lonely
You’re there for me
Keeping my heart alive
With your jokes.

You’re number one in my heart
When you show me you care
By looking for ways
And make my life easier and more comfortable
Always bring me and found fresh new things
For us to share.

You’re number one in my heart
Coz you’re my inspiration
Give me hope to free
This misery that i cope
You always cheer me up
Every times i sad
And because of you
I have laughter in my eyes
Your steady strength support me
And for that I’m glad
Having you in my life.

You will always number one in my heart
No matter how many times
I get hurt because of you
I won’t leave you
I’ll look for that one reason
To fight for you…